Here you'll find all trainings that we offer. If approved by an admin, you will be enrolled in the training.

ApplyInfection ControlJul 13thPSA
ApplyEMS Billing/HIPAAJul 13thPSA
ApplyCPR Healthcare ProviderJul 21stPSA
ApplyHazMat Awareness ExamJul 28thStation 2
ApplyInfection ControlAug 3rdPSA
ApplyEMS Billing/HIPAAAug 3rdPSA
ApplyCPR Healthcare ProviderAug 18thPSA
ApplyHazMat Awareness ExamAug 25thStation 2
ApplyInfection ControlSep 7thPSA
ApplyEMS Billing/HIPAASep 7thPSA
ApplyCPR Healthcare ProviderSep 15thPSA
ApplyHazMat Awareness ExamSep 22ndStation 2
ApplyInfection ControlOct 5thPSA
ApplyEMS Billing/HIPAAOct 5thPSA
ApplyCPR Healthcare ProviderOct 20thPSA
ApplyHazMat Awareness ExamOct 27thStation 2
ApplyInfection ControlNov 2ndPSA
ApplyEMS Billing/HIPAANov 2ndPSA
ApplyCPR Healthcare ProviderNov 17thPSA
ApplyInfection ControlDec 7thPSA
ApplyEMS Billing/HIPAADec 7thPSA
ApplyHazMat Awareness ExamDec 8thStation 2
ApplyCPR Healthcare ProviderDec 15thPSA
ApplyEMT-ParamedicJul 1st - Jun 1stPSA
ApplyBLS ProtocolsJul 20th - Jul 21stPSA
ApplyHigh Performance CPRAug 25thPSA
ApplyBLS ProtocolsSep 21st - Sep 22ndPSA
ApplyHigh Performance CPROct 27thPSA
ApplyBLS ProtocolsNov 9th - Nov 10thPSA
ApplyHigh Performance CPRDec 22ndPSA
ApplyFireFighter 1/2Aug 3rd - Dec 30thPSA